Sunday, October 28

Cupcake and circles

This is a card I made a few months back but the blog for this card was pending! Finally I got the chance to share this with the world :)

This is a very simple card and took me less than 15 mins to assemble after I got the idea :) I used my circle cutter to cut those circles from paper with embossed dots. 

TE Kit Pattered Paper
Orange cardstock
Cupcake sticker
Blue, green, yellow circles cut from embossed dotted paper
"Happy Birthday" stamp
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Friday, October 26

Diwali Bloghop - Day 2

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Welcome to Day 2 of the Diwali Bloghop! Today we are focusing on Diwali decor which is "anything but a card". I decided to make my own diya (oil lamp). This is my first time making one so I learnt some good lessons around decorating a circular cup. When I was wrapping the cup with ribbons I realized I need to cut the ribbons in small parts rather than one whole piece the length of the circumference. This is necessary to align the ribbon with the cup edge!

I took a small glass cup and decorated it with ribbons all around its sides. Then I added some red pearls and golden flowers on its edge. This was simple and quick and I plan to make more of these to light a row of lamps on Diwali days.

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Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!

Thursday, October 25

Diwali Bloghop - Day 1

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There are many reasons why this post is super special! First of all this is my first ever bloghop and you have no idea how excited I am writing this post :) Then there is Diwali - the Indian festival of lights just around the corner and I can't wait to celebrate! And of course the biggest reason why this post is super special - this is the first time I made Diwali cards and I am dying to share those with you all :)

Diwali is the one of the most popular festivals in India. Diwali is celebrated every year in many special ways. During the Diwali week people visit friends and relatives, exchange sweets and gifts, burst fire crackers,  decorate the house with lanterns and rows of diyas (small oil lamps) and rangoli (usually sand art with a variety of sand colors). In the spirit of this festival of lights I used many glittering layers and embellishments on my cards. Also I kept each card very simple and took advantage of this opportunity to use a variety of patterned paper that I brought from India. 

Orange patterned paper from India
Cream decorative paper from an invitation
Golden net paper from India
Flame shaped glitterring flat bead

Dark patterned paper from India
Cream classic patterned paper

Orange handmade paper from India
Cream patterned paper from India
Golden ribbon
Ganpati cutout
This year Diwali celebrations are in the week of Nov 11.  Its not late at all to get your creative juices flowing and start thinking of what you wanna make for this year's Diwali!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and let me know what you think of these cards! Also remember this is a 2 day Diwali BlogHop so stop by tomorrow for some more Diwali related craft ideas.

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Before I end my post I want to give a big shout out to my friend Chaitali for organizing this BlogHop. She is a super talented and super enthusiastic craft buddy who always manages to pull me out of my craft slack times and gets me on my feet to creative journeys!