Wednesday, May 9


I went to a stamp festival in Portland in April and bought a whole variety of stamps. This butterfly stamp is one my favorite picks from that trip! I made 3 such butterflies on different colored backgrounds and then experimented with several patterned papers to see which combo appealed to me the most! Do you like this combo as well?
Far East Background cardstock
Far East patterned paper (flowers)
TE April Kit paper flowers
TE April Kit Ribbon and matching cardstock
Butterfly stamp and black ink
Patterned butterfly background

This design is based on SCS Sketch Challenge 382


Unknown said...

That is a really cool butterfly! I can see why it is your favorite from your shopping spree.

Kelly said...

Love that butterfly! I wonder how he'd do on acetate and alcohol inked? Hmmm. Like your color combo. Very pretty.

Margaret said...

This is so gorgeous! Love the butterfly. Colors are fabulous.

ibalady said...

such wonderful vivid details in that butterfly. great colors and DP

abriennequevedo said...

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